About Us

Combining Biophysics R&D with Environmental Remediation

The lab started up in the Spring of 2020, in the dead heat of the Coronavirus outbreak. The research here is born out of a fusion with Environmental Engineering and Biophysics. Jon McCord is an experienced biophysical researcher and protein engineer, pursuing a PhD in Biophysics, whilst carrying along the collected experience of a Masters in Environmental Engineering. The combined experience from environmental remediation and protein design found a perfect outlet as the lead researcher at CyanoTechLab. You can follow up with Jon’s experience in intellectual property and therapeutic design here and here(2019-081).

Path To Commercialization

Whilst Jon keeps busy with his research and proteins, his business partner and lab roommate, Alexis Emmanuel Cornidez, coordinates all business development activities. An economist and entrepreneur from New Mexico State University, Alexis Emmanuel has just started watching anime and enjoys keeping the laboratory doggos, Chester and Gia, busy. With expertise in marketing and innovation, please contact Mr. Cornidez for all questions involving procurement, investment and advertising.

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